Warranty, Terms, and Conditions


All of my watches are covered by a 24 month warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers manufacturing defects but does not cover damages from normal wear and tear. Please see the Warranty Exclusions section below for additional details about what this warranty does not cover.

Should you experience an issue with your custom watch, please reach out using the Contact form. Include a description of the issue you are experiencing. I will follow up with you to coordinate returning your watch for review and service.

Warranty Exclusions

While most of my watches are pressure (water) tested, I DO NOT warranty for water intrusion, condensation, or water damage. Most of my watches include a screw-down crown. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the crown is fitted and secured properly to protect against water intrusion.

The following additional exclusions apply to the Bridge Watches LLC 24 month warranty:

  • Any damage that occurs that is not due to a defect in the materials utilized or workmanship of the watch.
  • Any intentional damage not consistent with normal watch usage.
  • Accidental damage from improper handling, negligence, lack of care, and/or acts of nature.
  • Battery, if applicable.

Terms and Conditions

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please undertake your due diligence before purchasing as I cannot accept any returns based on accidental purchase, fitment, change of mind, etc.

All parts are FULLY licensed to Bridge Watches LLC for the use and sale of our custom builds. Bridge Watches LLC is not affiliated with Seiko, Omega, Citizen, Tudor, Rolex, or any other company in which our products may resemble or represent. Any similarities in design to any other watches are purely coincidental. Our builds are NOT intended to replicate any other company’s designs or copyrighted property. Any and all use of brand names (such as dial badges and/or logos) are purchased legally through aftermarket suppliers. Bridge Watches LLC does not assume any responsibility for any type of copyright infringement from the original suppliers of these parts. All suppliers are assumed to have permission from said companies to use their name and/or logos.

If you have questions about my watches, the warranty, etc, please reach out using the Contact form.